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  • Lyn Ebon

My Journey to Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Updated: Jan 12

Here's to every turning point, every leap of faith, and most importantly, to every client who has become an integral part of my virtual assistance hustle.

Six years ago, I was stuck in a cyclical reality, tirelessly working night shifts in the customer service industry here in the Philippines, distanced from the warmth of family life. Sleep by day, work by night - an overwhelming rhythm that danced me further away from my loved ones.

4 years ago, I sought change. The inspiring tales of freelancers, working seamlessly with companies worldwide, ignited a spark within me. A hunger grew – to learn, relearn and adapt. I dove into an oasis of information, consuming podcasts, skill enhancement resources and everything I presumed would open doors to many clients.

Then, as if the winds of fortune heard my plea, an apprenticing opportunity from Australia graced my path. An agreement promising 3 months of learning, miraculously evolved into a lifelong work commitment within a week. I had started living my dream. Our family's financial state transcended, allowing us to settle debts, secure a better education for our kids, and even make a few prudent investments. How incredibly grateful we are!

I pledged to never stop learning and enrolled in several courses aiming to improve the skills I offer my clients. As they say, in the world of freelance, clients may come and go, but some choose to walk the path with you. To them, I am deeply grateful.

Sharing a piece of my heart with all my fellow Virtual Assistants out there. Whether you're well-established or just making your initial steps, remember: Passion is the fuel that drives us. Love your clients, embrace their businesses, and adore your work. And as a mantra, always give your best.

Every night, I fold my hands in prayer, not just for my own business, but also for those of my clients. I aspire to become an integral part of their growth and success stories.

I am in the field of virtual assistance not just for the paycheck. There are moments where I immerse myself in what I call the 'labor of love'. These are the tasks executed beyond the stopwatch. The ones I do out of sheer gratitude for the opportunities I've been handed. My mind is an unending carousel of strategies, efforts to provide additional aid to my clients, to an extent that it might seem exhausting, yet, it brings me a great sense of fulfillment.

Remember, this relationship isn't solely about financial steadiness but also about the respect and understanding shared. The essence of virtual assistance lies in mutual respect and an unyielding sense of accountability.

As an epitome of my hard work and the faith placed in me by my clients, I proudly announce that we're laying the foundations of our own home—a testament to all the sacrifices made, the opportunities leveraged, and the relationships built.

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